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Program Notes - Fall Concert

Theme: DMCO Goes To The Movies

Music from Apollo 13 (1995)
James Horner (1953-2015), arr. John Moss

James Horner’s score to Apollo 13 was one of eight he has had nominated for Best Score at the Academy Awards, in addition to two nominations for Best Original Song. He won the Oscar in 1998 for both Best Score and Best Original Song for Titanic and “My Heart Will Go On.” Apollo 13 was directed by Ron Howard and starred Tom Hanks, Bill Paxton, and Kevin Bacon. Horner’s compositional style is best described in his own words: “The mood of a film dictates a certain sound in my head and that is what I try and connect with right away, way before I'm writing melodies or times or anything like that. I'm trying to find an orchestration for the film that says what I want it to say musically.” This selection will include the following parts of the score: Main Title -Apollo 13, End Credits – Apollo 13, and Re-Entry And Splashdown. [CJ]

Back to the Future (1985)
Alan Silvestri (b. 1950)

This Robert Zemeckis film starred Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd. Alan Silvestri was nominated for Best Score in 1995 for Forrest Gump and in 2005 for Best Original Song for “Believe” from The Polar Express. [CJ]

Main Title – Prince of Thieves (1991)
Michael Kamen (1948-2003), arr. Steven L. Rosenhaus

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, starring Kevin Costner and Morgan Freeman, was directed by Kevin Reynolds. The score includes the nominee for Best Original Song for “(Everything I Do) I Do It for You.” Kamen also had the song “Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman” from Don Juan DeMarco nominated in 1996. [CJ]

Highlights from Jurassic Park (1993)
John Williams (b. 1932)

Succinct and to the point, I offer this brief acknowledgement of John Williams’ standing as a composer from Wikipedia:

John Towner Williams (born February 8, 1932) is an American composer, conductor, and pianist. With a career spanning over six decades, he has composed some of the most popular and recognizable film scores in cinematic history, to many of the highest-grossing films of all time, including Jaws, the Star Wars series, Superman, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, the Indiana Jones series, the first two Home Alone films, the first two Jurassic Park films, Schindler's List, and the first three Harry Potter films.

Williams has been associated with director Steven Spielberg since 1974, composing music for all but three of his feature films. Other notable works by Williams include theme music for the Olympic Games, NBC Sunday Night Football, “The Mission” theme used by NBC News, the television series Lost in Space and Land of the Giants, and the incidental music for the first season of Gilligan's Island. Williams has also composed numerous classical concertos and other works for orchestral ensembles and solo instruments. From 1980 to 1993, he served as the Boston Pops' principal conductor, and is now the orchestra's laureate conductor.

Williams has won 23 Grammy Awards, seven British Academy Film Awards, five Academy Awards, and four Golden Globe Awards. With 50 Academy Award nominations, Williams is the second most-nominated individual, after Walt Disney.

In 2005, the American Film Institute selected Williams' score to 1977's Star Wars as the greatest American film score of all time. The soundtrack to Star Wars was additionally preserved by the Library of Congress into the National Recording Registry, for being “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant.”

Williams was inducted into the Hollywood Bowl's Hall of Fame in 2000, and was a recipient of the Kennedy Center Honors in 2004 and the AFI Life Achievement Award in 2016. Williams composed the score for eight movies in the Top 20 highest-grossing films at the U.S. box office (adjusted for inflation).

Jurassic Park is only one of the over 20 films he has scored for Steven Spielberg. It will be conducted today by our Associate Conductor, Tyler Bainter. [CJ]

Harry Potter Symphonic Suite (2001)
John Williams (b. 1932), arr. Jerry Brubaker

Williams wrote the scores to the first three of the eight Harry Potter films and his evocative music helped set the 
standard for the other five. He draws us into the world of wizardry from the outset. [CJ]

“Raiders March” from Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)
John Williams (b. 1932)

The highly successful Indiana Jones films, starring Harrison Ford, were further collaborations of the 
Spielberg/Williams team. The “Raiders March” is used many times during action sequences and should be familiar to 
many in the audience. This “signature edition” was constructed by Williams note-for-note as the music appears in 
the film. [CJ]

Star Trek Through the Years (1966-1996)
Various composers, arr. Calvin Custer

When Star Trek first appeared on television in 1966, few people could have predicted its success. The original  series only lasted three years, yet it has spawned several spin off series and a highly successful film franchise. We will play music from the following incarnations: Theme from Star Trek (Alexander Courage), Theme from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (Dennis McCarthy), Star Trek-The Inner Light (Jay Chattaway), Theme from Star Trek Generations (Dennis McCarthy), Star Trek: Voyager (Jerry Goldsmith), and Star Trek The Motion Picture (Jerry Goldsmith). [CJ]

An American Symphony (excerpts) (1996)
Michael Kamen (1948-2003), arr. Calvin Custer

“An American Symphony” is the work described in the title of the film Mr. Holland’s Opus. Played at the end of the film as a tribute to the long-time music teacher Mr. Holland, he is asked to conduct it in a surprise performance by graduates of his high school program. It is not only a powerfully moving scene, the music stands on its own as a fine work. Calvin Custer has done an excellent job of recreating the piece and we have added some instruments to make it even closer to the original.

Music from Frozen (2013)
Kristen Anderson-Lopez (b. 1972) and Robert Lopez (b. 1975),
arr. Bob Krogstad

The songwriting husband and wife team of Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez struck gold with the songs they contributed to Frozen. The score itself was written by Christophe Beck. We will play the following songs in this arrangement: “Frozen Heart,” “Do You Want to Build a Snowman,” “In Summer,” “Let It Go,” and “For the First Time in Forever.”

Superman March (1978)
John Williams (b. 1932)

The Superman theme composed by Williams for the movie of that name is an iconic piece and reflects his ability to encapsulate the mood of a film. Another “signature edition” piece, the music we will play is exactly what would be found in the film and has been recreated by the composer.